Takamin's Sake Archives Video No.80 (Theme: Advance notice of the 9th sake meeting to be held after a long time <From 17:00 on Saturday, April 29, 2023 @ Nokendai)

Good morning everybody.How are you?
In Tokyo, the official declaration of cherry blossom blooming has been officially issued in Thailand, which is the fastest ever, and it is the atmosphere of the arrival of spring.
This year, the ban on cherry blossom viewing has also been lifted, so I think there will be many scenes where sake is drunk there.As long as I'm happy.
As a Takamin company, we are pleased to announce that after a long absence, the 9th Sake Meeting will be held at the Piano Salon in Kanazawa Ward, Yokohama, from 17:00 on Saturday, April 29, just in time for the start of Golden Week. It will be held at KEITH NOUKENDAI.
This time, we will be introducing sake from Maruyama Sake Brewery in Fukaya City, Saitama Prefecture. This is the point whereI think that I can hear various valuable stories, including the hardships of sake brewing this year.
This time, we will share the YouTube archived video here as well in order to give advance notice of the event information.
We look forward to your enthusiastic participation.
Takami Liquor Store, treasured sake
Store manager: Takamin, the bartender (Takami Hiroyuki)
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