About Takami liquor store

At this shop opened by R Unicorn International Co., Ltd., we have a large selection of "treasure local sake" that has a strong presence in various parts of Japan and is shining brightly.Currently, we have a large number of rare and valuable alcoholic beverages that can only be purchased on this site by mail order.

Aspiring to make sake that is not influenced by fashion, firmly believes in one's beliefs, and is loved and cherished locally. Not only for the world, but also for the world, with the mission of making a great contribution to the maintenance and development of the unique Japanese brewing technology and sake culture, we are steadily conducting excavation, sales and branding activities every day.

For home drinking in the corona, set products with snacks, gifts for loved ones, gifts for foreigners, and value set products for restaurants, our company We are looking forward to your visit with a large lineup of products such as "regular flight products" that carefully deliver the best recommended sake to your home one by one every month.

     ... What kind of person is Takami, the representative?

Currently 56 years old from the Shonan area of Kanagawa prefecture. Lives in Minato Ward. A family of three, a wife and a daughter.

In the past, he worked for Marubeni, a general trading company, for about 30 years, mainly engaged in risk management work, of which 14 years he worked overseas in New York & London. So far, he has visited all over Japan and more than 50 countries overseas for work, and the total number of customers has exceeded 1,000. After early retirement in December 2019 just before Corona, he started a private business in Tokyo in March 2020 (Headquarters: Azabujuban, Minato-ku).

This site is operated by R Unicorn International Co., Ltd.

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