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八ヶ岳 福の山 

「八ヶ岳 福の山」は八ヶ岳山麓の無農薬無肥料「八ヶ岳南麓ファーム」様のプライベートブランドです。


Limited time sale

Hiyaoroshi is new sake that has been squeezed in winter
, stored in spring, and then shipped in a cooled state after summer. It is an autumn sake that has been slowly and mellowly aged.

Year-end 2023

We have a selection of sake from our treasured collection that we especially recommend for year-end gifts.

Iwanami Sake Brewery lineup

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Liquor of Niigata

Jakuchu lineup

Web magazine

A digital book for foreigners living in Japan has a sales page for "Treasured Sake".How about sake as a gift for foreigners?

Open web magazine