Takamin Sake Archives Video No.82 (Encounter with "Oshiage Bunko", an izakaya with a hidden atmosphere that I visited at a sake event)

This archived video is from "Oshiage Bunko," an elegant Japanese izakaya restaurant located just under a 10-minute walk from Oshiage Station, the home of the "Sky Tree," which has become a new tourist attraction in Tokyo. In addition to introducing it, it is a video that goes all at once to the pre-announcement of the "10th Sake Party" hosted by our company, which is scheduled to be held in early June.

👉 Takamin Archives Video No.82

Oshiage Bunko 👉 https://tabelog.com/tokyo/A1312/A1312...

A sake party at Oshiage Bunko, which Takamin visited for the first time after being introduced and invited by an acquaintance. In order to broaden my study and knowledge, I wanted to participate in a sake party hosted by someone else, so the invitation came at just the right time.

Mr. Bungo Takeshita, owner of Oshiage Bunko. Actually, I graduated from a music college and am a music connoisseur. Of course, I was well aware of the existence of "Iwanami Sake Brewery", which we handle, in the exchange of emails.

In addition, Oshiage Bunko has a wide variety of stylish sake cups, and they even have a refrigerator that can hold a 1.8-liter bottle of sake. I recognized that it is a hot place for Japanese sake.

The participants of the event on the day of the event, both men and women, were just like Takamin, all of whom were sake lovers, and it was an event where they could not help but drink. The food served by the owner was a perfect accompaniment to Japanese sake, and it was a meeting where the best sake was enjoyed.

And, surprisingly, there is a grand piano in the store, which is exactly what Takamin has dreamed of in the future.

Iwanami Sake Brewery was already aware of Oshiage Bunko's existence, and at the same time, we are very grateful for the event held in Tokyo in June. It was done.

Treasured Sake Takami Liquor Store

Manager: Takamin, the bartender (高见広行)

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