Announcement of opening a digital book for foreigners living in Japan

Today we are going to talk about the recently opened and just released " デジタルブック(Your Companion in Japan) ” will be introduced.

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"Digital books" are a medium that is gradually increasing its presence as a medium positioned between mail-order EC sites and blogs/SNS.

The other day, in order to develop sales channels as a platform for disseminating Japanese culture, mainly targeting foreign families living in Japan from acquaintances who have business acquaintances, Would you like to consider opening a store? In response to the invitation, we finally decided to participate as our company.

The site is already up and running. The point is that, in principle, the product information will be written in English.

Our company's corresponding page is a two-page spread, and currently, the following three products selected by our company are posted as representative products.

1) “Hiryu Noorun” with a strong presence as a Mt. Fuji bottle

2) ``Jakuchu'' Junmai Daiginjo Nama Genshu from the Tango region of Kyoto, whose brand name is taken from the name of Jakuchu Ito, a painter in the Edo period.

3) The only existing sake brewery in Tokyo's 23 wards, "Tokyo Port Brewery" opened Edo castle "The Premium"

This digital book is linked to our own e-commerce site (Shopify) recently launched by our company, and since we have installed a translation application, all pages can be automatically written and viewed in English in principle. I'm here.

In the future, we will be able to show our skills to the extent that we can attract the interest of foreigners living in Japan, mainly in Tokyo, to our treasured sake. It is also true that I was able to enjoy the future as a liquor business. First of all, I am grateful to have been given such a precious opportunity.


R Unicorn International Co., Ltd.

Representative Director Hiroyuki Takami

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