"Jakuchu" to Italy next year!

"Jakuchu" Junmai Daiginjo, which won the highest platinum award at the 2022 Milan Sake Challenge.This is the representative sake of our “recommended sake” that we confidently recommend to everyone.Taniguchi Sake Brewery, located in Yosano-cho, Yosa-gun, Kyoto Prefecture. A small sake brewery in the northern area of Kyoto, not far from Amanohashidate.

Next year, we will start full-scale activities to export this Jakuchu to mainland Italy.We are currently developing various actions to build a pipe with Italy.

At the end of this year, our company will participate in the “50th Anniversary Gala Concert Party” hosted by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Japan, which will be held at Happo-en in Tokyo. I plan to appeal to

On the day of the event, Mr. Nobu Taniguchi, the brewery owner of Taniguchi Sake Brewery, will come to the venue as a guest, and we plan to serve sake together in the tasting space.

Jakuchu is a treasured sake that is expected to make a further leap forward next year.

I'm looking forward to the future development more and more.

Takami Liquor Store, treasured sake

Store Manager: Hiroyuki Takami, Sommelier


Please see the following page for the representative brand "Jakuchu" of Taniguchi Sake Brewery.
Tango's sake, Jakuchu | Treasure sake, Takami Shuten Takamin Recommended

Jakuchu - Junmai Daiginjo 720ml Taniguchi Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.

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