"Jakuchu" Junmai Daiginjo won the 2022 Milan Sake Challenge Platinum Award!


若冲の樽 伊藤若冲掛け軸


This morning, we received good news from Taniguchi Sake Brewery in Kyoto Prefecture!

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Surprisingly, it was big news that “Jakuchu” Junmai Daiginjo won the highest platinum prize in the 2022 Milan Sake Challenge overseas sake contest.

At the same time, it was a great achievement to receive the "Best Design Award" at the same time, which competes for the sophistication, attractiveness, and functionality of labels, bottles, caps, boxes, etc.

I sincerely hope that the branding of "Jakuchu", which is a representative of "treasure sake", will penetrate more and more in overseas markets in the future.

Please see the following page for the representative brand "Jakuchu" of Taniguchi Sake Brewery.
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R Unicorn International Co., Ltd. Representative Director Hiroyuki Takami

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