We have officially started selling sake from Iwanami Sake Brewery in Nagano Prefecture on our online store!


Hello everyone.Today, I have one very happy report.

The other day, I visited Iwanami Sake Brewery in Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture, where I visited for the first time and talked directly about various things. We will inform you here that the sales have started on the liquor store.It's a really happy story.

Already distributed on YouTube, but it is a very unique sake that completely reflects the general idea of Nagano sake. was dispelled byIn particular, the characteristics of the sake of the flagship brand "Miroku Iwanami" begin with the fine mouthfeel created by silk straining, and then the richness and mellow warmth of sake rice ooze out in the mouth. It is a Japanese sake with an image that comes around.Takamin felt that it was a very unique sake with a presence that seemed light but was never light.

In addition to single items, we plan to select and offer several 3-piece sets.Please look forward to it.

R Unicorn International Co., Ltd. Representative Director Hiroyuki Takami

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