The festival of all summer is over!

From 18:00 on Saturday, July 22, 2023, we held the third sake party in this place since August last year at the "James Monroe" lounge in Roppongi, Tokyo. This time it became the "11th Sake Party". This time, the vice title is "Toyonome no Kai".
A total of six kinds of sake made mainly by the main brand "Toyonome Ume" was invited to the venue to invite the sixth generation Takagi Ipo-sama, a sake brewery in Kochi Prefecture, a liquor store in Kochi Prefecture.

Among the guests who came to the venue, the president of a company located in Kochi Prefecture was also visited.

It is a liquor that is gradually gaining popularity in the metropolitan area, but compared to other sake breweries in Kochi Prefecture, which still have many powerful rivals, it is slightly less well-known, and our company has been selected for the best sake before, we have repeated the publicity in a big way. In the past, we have been taking up the sake of Toyonome plum at the second sake party, and at that time, we had a time when we held a sake brewery tour from the local area.

I hope to support you very much in the future, Kazuto Takagi, who has the youth and momentum to be the next generation of the sake industry.

And I would like to thank all the participants who came to James Monroe in Roppongi this time.

Kochi Prefectural Takagi Sake Brewery Lineup

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