From 17:00 on April 29th, the 9th sake meeting "Maruyama Sake Brewery Meeting" will be held!

good morning.

Before the official notice, we would like to inform you about the sake event hosted by our company.

From 17:00 on Saturday, April 29th, it will be the first sake event since last August at the piano salon "KEITH NOUKENDAI" in Kanazawa Ward, Yokohama City, Takamin's semi-home ground.

This time, we invited the brewery of Maruyama Sake Brewery (Mr. Kazutaka Maruyama) in Fukaya City, Saitama Prefecture, which is located near the birthplace of Eiichi Shibusawa, to the venue, titled "Maruyama Sake Brewery Association". ,It will be held.

April 29th is Showa Day, a public holiday, and the beginning of Golden Week.

On the day of the event, it will be held from 17:00 with a hybrid system that includes participants at the venue and online participants.

We plan to offer a total of 5 types of sake and dishes that go well with them, centering on flagship brands such as "Suichogetsu" and "Oriboshi", which are the treasured sake brewed by Maruyama Brewery.

In the sense of Maruyama Sake Brewery's meeting, we have held it once in the past, but this time we are planning to have a brewery live at the venue, so the excitement is not halfway.

The membership fee is scheduled to be 8,000 yen at the venue and 5,000 yen online (1 bottle of alcohol will be delivered in advance).

All Japanese sake fans are eagerly waiting for your participation.

Spleen Sake Takami Liquor Store

Store manager: Takamin, the bartender (Takami Hiroyuki)

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