The 10th Japan Sake Party will be held safely in Oshiage!

From 5 p.m. on Saturday, June 3, 2023, the 10th Japan sake party "Iwanami no Kai" sponsored by our company was held at "Oshiage Bunko" in Oshiage, Tokyo, and we would like to report that it has ended successfully.

This time, it was held as a party to introduce the sake of Iwanami Sake Brewery, which has a brewery in Shinshu Matsumoto, and we were able to invite two people from the brewery and the sales manager to the venue, and we were able to gather 15 participants for a grand ceremony. The owner of the Oshiage Bunko at the venue was also from Shinshu Matsumoto, so we were able to hold a sake party Japan with Oshiage's blood for the first time due to a relationship.

In Oshiage, which is different from the usual venue, we were able to make contact with a new network including regular customers of the restaurant, which further aroused our motivation to create new Japan sake fans.

I would like to add that Oshiage Bunko has a very unique and tasteful shop, with a Steinway grand piano installed in the center of the store (there is also a gramophone), many paperback books on display, and very elaborate sake cups are also sold.

On Saturday, July 22, the 11th Japan Sake Party will be held in Roppongi. Next time, we plan to introduce the sake "Toyono Ume no Kai" of the sake shop Tosa. Please look forward to this as well.

Treasured Japan sake Takami Hotel Manager: Takamin (Hiroyuki Takami)
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