France Kura Master Gold Award Winner Andante Chihaazuru Special Pure Rice Wine

Our Andante Chihazuru Special Pure Rice Sake In the Kura Master, a Japanese sake competition for French people, he won a gold prize in the pure rice sake category.

The results were rigorously judged by people working in the food and beverage industry, including sommeliers, barman and cavist, who are active in Europe, mainly in France, as well as specialists in alcoholic beverages, as well as owners of restaurants and specialty shops, chefs and cooking schools.

Special Junmai Sake "Andante" 720ml Sato Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.

特別純米酒「アンダンテ」720ml 佐藤酒造株式会社

The result link for Kura Master is here.
See the section of the Pure Rice Liquor Division Gold Award.

Please try the European-recognized Andante of Sato Sake Brewery.

Andante (Andante) means "at the speed of walking", which is also in the Italian language of music. It has become a fashionable Western style packaging design.

Here is the product link
Special Pure Rice Sake "Andante" Kusumi Chihazuru 720ml Sato Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.


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