Takamin's Sake Storage Video 67th (Thoughts on Tottori Prefecture's Sake)

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We have already entered September.

This time we will introduce Last month August 2nd archived video Will be.

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The theme is "What do you think about sake in Tottori Prefecture?" Tottori Prefecture is said to be home to many hidden gems of sake from the San'in region. In fact, Takamin has not actually visited Tottori yet, and it is the only prefecture in Japan that he has not been able to visit.

I definitely want to visit around October or November this year, before the severe winter cold sets in. In the past, I was introduced to a sake brewery by a person from Tottori Prefecture who I had an acquaintance with in the business relationship. This is a sake brewery with a long history, but Takamin himself lacks knowledge about sake from Tottori prefecture so far, so he is currently studying. It is said that there are many types of sake that are suitable for warmed sake, and you may be able to find the perfect sake for the cold winter in the future. I'm really looking forward to it.

I would like to see the famous Tottori Sand Dunes with my own eyes.


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