Takamin's Sake Storage Video No.72 (Introduction to recommended sake "Tango Kingdom" Junmai Sake (Kyoto Prefecture Taniguchi Sake Brewery)

This time's video is a corner introducing Takamin's recommended sake.

The cold is gradually getting tougher, and winter is about to come in no time. Meanwhile, in Japan, there is a wonderful genre of cuisine called “nabe”. Poking hot pot with close friends and family may be a form of Japanese food culture.The conversation is very lively and the drinking is going on.

This time we will introduce you to the perfect sake for such times. that is, Junmai sake " Tango Kingdom " brewed by Taniguchi Sake Brewery in the Tango region of Kyoto Prefecture is. According to Mr. Taniguchi, the brewery owner, "After all, this sake is best drunk hot! Or is it chilled at room temperature?"

Of course, I think it's delicious even if you drink it chilled, but I'd like to recommend lukewarm sake in the sense that it brings out the flavor of hot pot dishes.

If anything, it's a dry drink, Gohyakumangoku from Kyoto Prefecture is used with sake rice. It exudes the deep taste of Japanese sake. While eating hot pot dishes in Kyoto in winter, this Tango Kingdom Have you ever had such a great combination to speak together?

originally, Historically, a kingdom existed in the Tango region, which is located in the northern part of Kyoto. It is said that.There are still traces of ancient tombs in various places.It's close to Amanohashidate, but I think the northern part of Kyoto is also a wonderful place.

We would like you to stop by Amanohashidate while visiting Taniguchi Sake Brewery and fully immerse yourself in the charm of northern Kyoto.

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