Takamin's Sake Storage Video No.74 "Visiting Tottori Part 2 Sake Edition"

good evening everyone.
I am Takamin, who is always working hard on branding activities for treasured sake. YouTube archived video 74th will be delivered.

Continuing from last time, this time will be part 2 of Takamin's visit to Tottori.The target is sake from Tottori prefecture.
We will introduce bottles of sake brewed by three sake breweries that we actually visited, and we will share our impressions of Takamin while actually drinking one of them in the video.The whole country of Japan is still wide.This visit to Tottori made me realize firsthand the depth of sake.

Takami Liquor Store, treasured sake
Store manager: Takamin, the bartender (Takami Hiroyuki)

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