Takamin's Sake Archives Video No.77 "Thoughts from Experiencing Mysterious Sake Brewing"

We just released the 77th video of Takamin's sake collection on YouTube.The theme is "Thinking about experiencing the mysterious brewing of sake".
At the beginning of February this month, I asked Taniguchi Sake Brewery in Kyoto Prefecture to let me stay for four nights, and I had the first opportunity to be involved in the brewing of the treasured sake "Jakuchu".
We had our business partners join us from the middle of the trip, and also had them accompany us on the sake brewery coverage.
The brewery is very small and family-run, and Mr. Nobu Taniguchi, who is actually the owner of the brewery, is also responsible for the sake brewing, and is engaged in the strict and harsh work of sake brewing.
This time, although it was only for a short time, I was able to experience the difficulty of working at a sake brewery by actually witnessing their work.
For more, please watch the video.
Takami Liquor Store, treasured sake
Store Manager: Sake Master Takamin
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