Takamin's Sake Storage Video No.78 (Theme: Overview of business trip to the United States)

Good evening everyone.How are you? February ends today.

February, the fiscal year of our company, has ended, and this marks the end of the third fiscal year since the establishment of the company.Regarding our company's history with the corona disaster, this year's financial results were particularly difficult in the first half.

By the way, in this 👉 video No.78 , Takamin will give a brief summary of his business trip to the United States, which he visited in mid-January last month for the first time in three years.

In this archived video series, we recently released a video recorded at a hotel in New York, USA.

In Japan, people tend to think that the coronavirus is over in the United States and that it is already a thing of the past. where are you looking? I feel that the level is so low that I want to doubt it. Certainly, compared to Japan, the number of people wearing masks may be small, but there were still many Americans wearing masks on airplanes.Clearly this was not seen pre-Corona.Also, before COVID-19, just wearing a mask and walking around the city in Manhattan was seen as strange, but now that is gone.Actually, I wore a mask all the time during my stay in the United States, and they didn't look at me strangely about it.I have to say that the deteriorating security situation and the bleak landscape of Midtown Manhattan, which is left unattended with vacant tenants, tell us that the scars of COVID-19 were extremely large.

Under such circumstances, the nature of Japanese restaurants is also changing, and while the once-vigorous Japanese restaurants are disappearing, new forces emerge and form a new world, while at the same time the price range of sake at high-end restaurants However, I also saw the reality that prices over 100,000 yen are no longer rare.There were also listings and offerings of rare and valuable high-quality sake that is rarely seen even in Japan. As far as sake is concerned, having come into contact with the realities of Manhattan, New York, where competition is intensifying, Takamin will also refresh his mind and work on sake branding activities in the future.

Seeing is believing, and as the saying goes, Takamin, who sticks to the hands-on approach, will continue to push forward with the sake business with a constant sense of the field.Thank you for your continued support.

Takami Liquor Store, treasured sake

Store manager: Takamin, the bartender (Takami Hiroyuki)

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