Takamin YouTube Sake Storage Video (Commemorating Jakuchu 2022 Milan Sake Challenge Platinum Award)

good evening everyone. How are you?
It's almost the middle of July, how are you doing?
Now that the number of people infected with the corona virus is on the rise again, the situation is becoming very worrisome before the end of summer.
just uploaded YouTube archived video "62nd" will be shared here as well.
As already reported, this time, "Jakuchu" Junmai Daiginjo, brewed by Taniguchi Sake Brewery in Kyoto Prefecture, which is a representative of the treasured sake that our company handles, will participate in the 2022 Milan Sake Challenge in Italy this year. The big news of winning the Platinum Award, which is the highest ranking in the sake contest, has jumped in.
At the same time, we achieved a double award by winning the Best Design Award, which was judged for the design of sake bottles, labels, caps, boxes, etc.This is really good news.
The sake contest in Milan, Italy in Europe, and the previous contest in 2019, which was held before Corona, won the gold prize, which means that it has practically won consecutive awards. Moreover, this time it was the highest award.
Mr. Nobu Taniguchi, the chief brewer of Taniguchi Sake Brewery, explains that the background behind the start of the new production of Jakuchu is that in the future, rather than producing normal sake, the company will create a slightly unique but distinctive sake that will create a new style. He said that he had a strong desire to build a unique world as a sake to blow.
I am truly grateful that Takamin was able to come across this rare and treasured sake with such thoughts. I would like to cherish this precious relationship and continue to steadily engage in Jakuchu's branding activities.
Thirty years later, at a sake tasting bar in Manhattan, New York, treasured sake such as this "Jakuchu" was supported by many Americans and became popular, losing out to European wines, which are representative of world sake. Dreaming of building an unprecedented position, Takamin will push forward.
We will continue to devote ourselves so that sake, which is representative of Japanese culture, can get closer to the status of world sake.
I am looking forward to continuing our good relationship.
R Unicorn International Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Hiroyuki Takami

Please see the following page for the representative brand "Jakuchu" of Taniguchi Sake Brewery.
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