The 71st Takamin Archive Video (Introduction to Ningyocho's corner beater "Kuri")

This time's archived video is an introduction to the Kakuuchi in Ningyocho, Tokyo, which I personally often visit recently.

The 71st archived video 👈 Click here! please do it.

The name of the shop is "Kuri".

If you are a fan of Japanese sake, you may already know that there are two stores in the Shimbashi station area, and the Ningyocho store was the branch of the store.

Every Thursday night, Takamin had the opportunity to visit Ningyocho Station for some personal reason, and one day he happened to meet Takamin while strolling alone like a solitary gourmet.

The store has a truly wonderful selection of sake, and every time I visit, I can feel the charm of new sake.It's a square bar, so it's a so-called standing drinking style.So what if you can stay longer? I think 90 minutes is a good time, but I feel that there are many customers who move to the next store after spending a little less than an hour.

Takamin also visits Kuri almost every week to study Japanese sake.Please visit us once.The town of Ningyocho is also a very tasteful town, and it is also a place that really fits sake. I think that Takamin will continue to be indebted to us for the time being, and I look forward to working with you.


Takami Liquor Store, treasured sake

Store Manager: Sake Master Takamin

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