Investigation of treasured sake Part 2 Maruyama Sake Brewery interview video (2022.06.10)

As part of our treasured sake branding activities, we will deliver the contents of the video recorded when we visited for coverage in June this year.

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A solo interview with Mr. Kazutaka Maruyama, the chief brewer of Maruyama Sake Brewery in Fukaya City, Saitama Prefecture, and a two-shot style interview with Mr. Takamin, a sake master who is the manager of the treasured sake Takami Liquor Store. We are here.

I would like to talk about the history from my encounter with Maruyama Sake Brewery to the present, and the challenges in working on overseas sales in the future.

Junmai Daiginjo “Suichogetsu”, which boasts the highest quality of the Kintaisei Masamune brand, is a brand that Mr. Maruyama himself named himself.It's a great sake, but the brand name is also great. Another representative brand, Oriboshi Junmai Ginjo, has a sharp taste and a strong presence as a dry sake.In addition, judging from the price range, the super-dry “Tama liquid” that can be drunk as a daily drink is also excellent.

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Maruyama Sake Brewery is located near the birthplace of Eiichi Shibusawa.Fukaya Renga, Fukaya Negi, and Maruyama Sake Brewery, and I believe that Maruyama Sake Brewery is a treasured sake brewery in Saitama Prefecture, which is said to be one of the hidden sake kingdoms.

As the name suggests, it is a round, gentle sake that sits right in the middle of the mouth, and its most distinctive feature is its mild taste.
We would like to steadily promote the sake brewed by Maruyama Sake Brewery to the outside world, so please continue to support us.

Takami Liquor Store, treasured sake

Store Manager: Sake Master Takamin

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