Introducing this month's recommended sake: "Joku" Junmai Ginjo Unfiltered <Hachinohe Sake>

This time, it will be a corner introducing Takamin's recommended sake, which is introduced once a month.

This time, this archived video will be the 70th time by accumulating times. Thank you very much.

Well, the Tohoku region is known as the area of the sake kingdom.Yamagata and Fukushima prefectures have a tremendous amount of momentum, but Akita and Miyagi prefectures are also flooded with good sake.

Under such circumstances, this time we have selected local sake from Aomori Prefecture. It feels like it just happened the other day that I had a chance to visit Hachinohe Kuranai-sama for the first time. And this year, I made a quick visit to Hachinohe Liquor using the round-trip late-night bus, and just had a drink there at night.

In addition to Mr. Tatsuo Shimomura, director and sales manager of Hachinohe Sake, I also met Mr. Hirofumi Uei, a Nanbu Toji, and I felt the power of the Joku brand brewed at the Gonohe factory. This was the moment when I was convinced that this was a treasured sake that was not well known in the Kanto region.

Although we are not a sake brewery with a large production volume, we have a selection of sake that has been carefully crafted one by one with our spirit.

And what I would like to introduce this time is a sake that has a particularly unique presence among "Joku" and has a firm recognition of its position as an unfiltered unpasteurized sake. that's right. It is "Joku Junmai Ginjo Unfiltered Nama". It is a sake that allows you to feel both a solid feeling and a sharpness at the same time. The appearance of being wrapped in newspaper is truly fascinating, creating an atmosphere typical of Japanese sake. It has a strong flavor and goes well with well-seasoned dishes, and it also goes well with hot pot dishes. Also, in the past, I tried to combine Takamin with an ethnic kimchi hot pot, and it was compatible with it without any problems. This sake, which has a wide range of fields and a relatively reasonable price range, is on sale at Takamin's own EC site "Treasured Sake Takami Liquor Store", so please try it at home. is.

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Also, if there is an opportunity, we would like to plan the second edition of "Joku no Kai" as an event. Please keep an eye out for the Hachinohe variety of Joku brand sake in the future.

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Store Manager: Sake Master Takamin

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