Takamin passionately talks about the appeal of Saga's sake in a YouTube video!

June 2022 1st "The 58th archived video" The theme of the 2018 event was about visiting Saga Prefecture in Kyushu, which is known only to those in the know, as a hidden sake brewery, .

Recently, one of the horses (3-year-old filly) owned by Takamin, a local horse owner, is entrusted to Nagamatsu Stable, a thoroughbred rest and recreation facility in Saga Prefecture. I was. Then, in the limited time we had, Mr. Nagamatsu, the representative of Nagamatsu Stable, guided us by car to "HAMA BAR" next to Hizenhama Station on JR Kyushu for the first time. I got a rare opportunity to visit.

Needless to say, there are sake from 5 representative sake breweries in the Kashima City area of Saga Prefecture. I was very excited when I encountered this famous sake.In particular, the taste of "Nogomi", which has been personally attracted to me for a long time, is a masterpiece, and the junmai ginjo that I drank as a set that day was the best, along with the junmai sake that I drank at the dinner the night before. was.

I was overwhelmed for a while by the presence of Saga's sake, which has already been internationalized, and I could feel the strength of Saga's sake with my own skin.

It was a short time, but I was able to enjoy a blissful moment with a number of Saga Prefecture's famous sake that I encountered this time, taking the opportunity of meeting my own horse. Thank you for your continued support for the next video.

 R Unicorn International Co., Ltd. Representative Director Hiroyuki Takami

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