"Yatsugatake Fukunoyama" Legendary Sake Rice <Kame no O>/Treasured Sake Made with Kimoto

The other day, I would like to introduce a treasured sake branding video produced by a professional photographer who was on a business trip to Yatsugatake.

👉 YouTube storage video special edition

The name of the sake is "Yatsugatake Fuku no Yama"

It is a treasured private brand sake owned by "Yatsugatake Nanroku Farm", a pesticide-free and fertilizer-free farm in the Yatsugatake area of Yamanashi Prefecture.

We used Kamenoo, the legendary sake rice, as a raw material, dried in the sun, and outsourced production to Tanizakura Sake Brewery in the same Yatsugatake area, which has a proven track record in brewing technology with organic rice. , Junmai Ginjo undiluted sake made with kimoto, which takes time and effort.

Sake rice that is the best raw material and kimoto sake made by Tanizakura Sake Brewery is a gem of sake that has the potential to spread not only in Japan but also in the world. We are currently focusing on branding activities.

I hope to be able to deliver the second video this winter.

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Takami Liquor Store, treasured sake

Store Manager: Sake Master Takamin

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