Introducing Takamin's recommended sake!

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As part of the sake branding business, Takamin's sake storage video series is being distributed regularly every week.
this time counting Sixty-fifth bullet . A corner that introduces Takamin's recommended sake.

I encountered this sake when I visited Gonda Sake Brewery for the first time during the sponsored by the Japanese sake business team Naorai in late May 2022.

After the tour of the brewery, we had a dinner party in the Japanese-style room next to the brewery, where delicious snacks and meals made with plenty of local ingredients were served along with a variety of sake from Gonda Sake Brewery. Among them, the first was served, and this is the recommended sake that I would like to introduce this time.

Among the flagship brands of "Naomi", this sake is positioned as a limited edition sake, and it is a blend of ginjo sake, unfiltered raw sake, and ginjo sake, making it the perfect sake for a toast in the middle of summer. I feel that We recommend chilling it well before drinking. Also wine glasses and champagne glasses are suitable. It goes especially well with white fish sashimi and carpaccio. The bottle also has a refreshing bright blue color reminiscent of midsummer, and it is a sake that will be empty in no time.

We plan to offer it as the first toast sake at the 8th Sake Party (Naomi no Kai) to be held on the evening of Saturday, August 6, 2022. Please look forward to it.

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