Take a sake brewery tour in Niigata

Guys, how do you do?Takamin Japanese sake.Every day, I am engaged in activities to discover, sell, and brand treasured sake.

By the way, on Saturday and Sunday this weekend, I visited the Nagaoka area from Niigata Echigo Yuzawa for 2 days and 1 night, and participated in the Niigata sake brewery tour by myself.I had the opportunity to participate in a private sake brewery tour organized by a local Niigata liquor store, which I am acquainted with. . After all it is amazing.It's a drink that you won't get tired of drinking.

The regular tour participants from Saitama Prefecture (participants from Saitama Prefecture) were all older than me (male), but they were all very friendly and I had a great time talking. could be shared. Once sake was added, the sense of distance was further shortened, and we were able to deepen our friendship greatly at the banquet hall for dinner at the hot spring inn where we stayed.

This time, we visited the following four breweries in Niigata prefecture (Aoki, Tamagawa, Ofuku, and Kawachu) over two days and stayed at Izumiya in Yomogidaira Onsen in the suburbs of the Nagaoka area. I took a bath, soaked in a relaxing hot spring, and soaked in plenty of sake.It was the first hot spring I personally visited, but it seemed to have a very good effect on the skin that clings to my skin.

Kochi prefecture, Kyoto prefecture, Aomori prefecture, Nagano prefecture, and Yamanashi prefecture are of course good places, but I was keenly aware that the origin of sake is here in Niigata. It's a place I want to visit regularly.

I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this opportunity.I'm really thankful to you.

Takami Liquor Store, treasured sake

Store manager: Takamin, the bartender (Takami Hiroyuki)

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