About Meguro's famous yakitori restaurant "Torishiki" and sake marriage

The theme of this time's archived video is "Yakitori", which Takamin also loves.

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I believe that yakitori, like sake, is one of the representative players of Japanese food culture.It used to be a representative of B-grade gourmet, as it was originally reasonably priced and can be enjoyed by office workers after work.

This time, we would like to introduce “Torishiki”, a restaurant that changed the image of the “yakitori” genre, and is now the most difficult restaurant to book in Japan, especially among yakitori fans all over Japan. To do.

It's about a 3-minute walk from Meguro Station, but the shop that stands in a quiet place in a slightly narrow alley is "Torishiki".In recent years, it is an outstanding presence in the yakitori world that has continued to receive one Michelin star.

The owner of the restaurant is Mr. Yoshiteru Ikegawa, who is now said to be a legend in the yakitori world. It's been a long time since I met the General. Probably close to 20 years. It was my first memorable encounter with Torishiki when I was taken by an acquaintance who lives in "Torishiki" right after it opened. Since then, it has become my favorite shop, probably around 50 times in total.

The sight of Daisho Ikegawa putting his heart and soul into the dish without interfering with his personal feelings makes the viewer nervous.At the same time, the taste of the chef's grilled skewers will fill your mouth with emotion.Great grilled chicken. I can't say anything other than "delicious".

In addition, the lineup of sake selected by the general is wonderful, and there are sake that go well with the general's pottery. I am convinced that this marriage is one of the masterpieces of Japanese food culture.

From now on, I hope that Daisho Ikegawa will continue to aim for Takami and spread the world of Torisiki more and more throughout the world.

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