Introduction of June 2022 recommended sake (EH Sake Brewery "Yukinaka Norikura" Unfiltered Junmai Daiginjo)

The sake that I would like to introduce this time is the unfiltered sake that was first introduced this year in the limited sake brand "Yukinaka Norikura" brewed by EH Sake Brewery in the Azumino area of Nagano Prefecture, which I visited in June 2022. Junmai Daiginjo (Gold).
The mouthfeel was very impressive, and it was very different from the image Takamin had of the quality of sake from Nagano Prefecture, so I picked it up this time.
This sake is said to have been matured in the snow, and while it takes a lot of time and effort, one of its characteristics is that it is stored and aged in the snow at a constant temperature and humidity. Yes, and the name is unique to Nagano Prefecture, and I was very personally interested in it.
The building of EH Brewery's sake brewery itself looks like a resort hotel in Europe, and has a conspicuous appearance. I felt that this sake has the potential to appeal greatly to fans.
Japan is still very large, and Nagano Prefecture is also very large.
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Representative Director Hiroyuki Takami
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