Gonda Sake Brewery's sake from Kumagaya City, Saitama Prefecture is now on sale on our mail order site!

Hello everyone.

Finally, today, July 24, 2022, we are pleased to announce that we have officially started selling sake from "Gonda Sake Brewery", the only sake brewery that currently exists in Kumagaya City, Saitama Prefecture, on our mail-order site.

In late May this year, I visited Gonda Sake Brewery for the first time with some sake-loving friends. We exchanged opinions with Gonda Brewery.

I still can't forget the vivid impression of unfiltered Sasani Nigori, the ginjo sake of the "Naozane" brand that I had for the first time at an evening meal in the same brewery in May.The combination of the freshness that you feel at first and the faint rich depth that comes after that makes it a sake with a strong presence.The fact that the brewery uses 100% of the time-consuming “Funeshibori” method is considered to have a great impact on the taste of this sake. In addition, I have the impression that the brewery is passionate about the local area, such as by actively using local rice.

Next month, at the 8th Sake Meeting (Naomi no Kai) hosted by our company, scheduled to be held in Roppongi, Tokyo, we will feature Gonda Sake Brewery's sake. We would like to appeal the presence of the brand's sake. There are still some seats left, so if you are interested, please come to the venue.

R Unicorn International Co., Ltd.

Representative Director Hiroyuki Takami

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