[New product listing] Nikitazu Junmai Ginjo Sake Sakura Hime Yeast

The liquor featured in this issue is
Nikitazu Junmai Ginjo Sake Sakurahime Yeast.
This is sake from Minakuchi Shuzo, a brewery in Ehime Prefecture.

仁喜多津 純米吟醸酒 さくらひめ酵母

 It's a wonderfully designed package with a beautiful transparent white bottle and cherry blossom accent color that catches your eye.
The motif is mizuhiki, a traditional craft of Ehime.
Just like this urban and soft impression, it is a refreshing, slightly sweet, mellow and fragrant sake.

A brief summary of the characteristics is as follows.
A dish with a tropical fragrance that makes you feel the fruit, and a harmony of moderate sweetness and refreshing acidity.
Please enjoy the terroir of all Ehime.
●Mellow/slightly sweet taste is a feature.
●We use 100% Shizukuhime rice grown under contract from Ehime Prefecture.

The raw material rice used is "Shizukuhime", a rice suitable for sake brewing, which was originally developed by Ehime Prefecture.It is characterized by its large size, high rate of shinpaku, and excellent suitability for sake brewing.

The rice polishing ratio is 60%.

By using subsoil water (medium hard water) from Mt. Ishizuchi and Mt. Takanawa, the highest peaks in western Japan, it becomes ginjo sake with moderate mineral content and mild taste.

We use "Sakura Hime Yeast TYPE-1 Tropical", which is also in the product name.Sakurahime Yeast is a yeast developed in Ehime Prefecture, and is characterized by its tropical aroma.

You can enjoy the aroma even more when you drink it chilled.

Mizuguchi Sake Brewery was founded in 1895.It is the only sake brewery in the Ehime, Matsuyama, and Dogo areas that continues to grow together with the Dogo Onsen Honkan.


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Nikitazu Junmai Ginjo Sake Sakura Hime Yeast


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