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高知県 高木酒造

[Home Drinking Yokocho Collaboration] “Ryuso” Junmai Daiginjo Takagi Sake Brewery & “Home Drinking Yokocho” Snack Set 4 <Superb Goldfish Boiled Fillet (1 serving)>

[Home Drinking Yokocho Collaboration] “Ryuso” Junmai Daiginjo Takagi Sake Brewery & “Home Drinking Yokocho” Snack Set 4 <Superb Goldfish Boiled Fillet (1 serving)>

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[House drinking side street collaboration]

"Ryuso" Junmai Daiginjo & "House Drinking Yokocho" Snack Set 4

Continued to win numerous gold medals and top gold medals for Japanese sake in Japan and overseas,

Takagi Sake Brewery's Toyono plum brand Ryukan

The 4th collaboration set with exquisite snacks from [House Drinking Yokocho]

The exquisite appetizer is the finest kinme simmered fillet (for 1 person)

A collaboration product with [House Drinking Yokocho].There are only snacks that are close to sake! We have developed products from the customer's perspective so that you can think that you wanted such a set product.

It is a product that can quickly transform your home into a [home drinking alley] and contribute to the fulfillment of drinking at home, which is required in the corona era.


Ryuso Junmai Daiginjo 720ml Takagi Brewery Co., Ltd.

In 1994, when the ginjo brewery that brews this sake was rebuilt, there is an episode that a huge tornado appeared in the sea and came right above this brewery.
This year (the year the All Japan New Sake Appraisal was canceled), the daiginjo brewed in this brewery won the "Excellence Award" at the Shikoku Sake Appraisal.
Among them, we received a "ribbon" that is attached to particularly excellent sake, and since then, the sake brewed in this ginjo brewery has won the gold medal at the National New Sake Appraisal. I think they are watching over the brewing process.

In 2009, I finally fulfilled my desire to make a sake that was associated with this episode.

Made with 100% Kochi Prefecture sake brewing rice "Gin no Yume" and brewed with Kochi Prefecture yeast.
It is a sake that aims to make the best sake with 100% Kochi ingredients.

Ingredients: Gin no Yume (Kochi) Sake degree: +1
Alcohol content: 16% Rice polishing ratio: 40%
Acidity: 1.7 Yeast: CEL19/CEL11

Finest Kinme Simmered Fillet (for 1 person) Home Drinking Alley

Boiled alfonsino made by a craftsman at a popular restaurant. "Exquisite seasoning", which is difficult to do at home, is popular! It's good to match with hot sake. It's also good as a side dish for rice. It can be enjoyed by a wide range of generations, from children to grandparents.

【Conditioning method】

①Boil the bag in boiling water for 8 minutes.

②Put it on a plate and it's done.

[Contents] ・ Fillet (for 1 person): about 90g (We are unable to specify the part.)

[Production area name] Kanagawa Prefecture Matsuwa Kanagawa Prefecture Misaki Kanagawa Prefecture Hashirimizu

[Best-by date] Separately stated on the product label

【preservation method】

・ This product is a frozen product.

・ Please store the product in the freezer immediately after delivery.

・ Do not refreeze after thawing as the flavor will be impaired.

・ Consume as soon as possible regardless of the expiration date.

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