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埼玉県 権田酒造

Naozane Ginjo Unfiltered Sasanogori 720ml Gonda Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.

Naozane Ginjo Unfiltered Sasanogori 720ml Gonda Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.

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Nazane Ginjo Unfiltered Sasanogori 720ml  Gonda Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.

Gonda Sake Brewery has been in the brewing business for about 160 years since its founding in the Kaei era (1850) at the end of the Edo period.A treasured sake brewery that continues to produce delicious local sake that Kumagaya people can be proud of.

"Naozane Ginjo Unfiltered Sasanigori" is a limited edition sake with special specifications.A blend of Ginjo sake from several tanks and bottled unfiltered.A highlight product that allows you to enjoy the freshness and deep taste unique to unpasteurized sake.It is refreshing to drink and is perfect as a toast.Goes well with white fish sashimi, carpaccio and dry-cured ham.


Naozane Ginjo Unfiltered Sasanogori 720ml

Kumagaya is blessed with clean subsoil water with two major rivers, Arakawa and Tonegawa, close to each other.
The vast plains, the highest number of sunny days in Japan, and the hot summer climate bring about abundant crops.
The harsh cold of winter, when sake is brewed, fosters a rich and refreshing sake quality.
Making the most of the local climate, the sake is brewed with careful hand-crafting that inherits the tradition and adds improvements.

Aggressive blend of ginjo sake.

It's a refreshing drink.

Chill well and enjoy.

Ingredients Rice (domestic), rice koji (domestic rice), brewed alcohol
Yeast used Saitama F yeast (Saitama Prefecture original)
● Alcohol content 17.0%
●Sake degree +5.0
●Acidity 1.6
●Amino acid level 1.3


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